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slash_draco - July challenge - Where DARK!Draco comes to play

Jul. 1st, 2012

01:55 pm - slash_draco - July challenge

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slash_draco is a new challenge community focused around slashing the character Draco Malfoy with the men of HP.  A new character will be given each month and your mission is to involve said character in a romantic relationship with Draco.  This month's character is Rubeus Hagrid.

To qualify for the challenge your fiction must be at least 3,000 words.  PWPs are not encouraged. The purpose is to focus on the characters involved and writing smut makes the names rather interchangeable and the action unpersonable. If you find the character of the month unpalatable – as I’m sure at some point you will unless you also love all Draco slash as I do mean every male character – quietly sit that challenge out.  All Draco slash pairings are up for grabs as a possible monthly contender, even the über popular ones, so I'm sure we will eventually get to one you enjoy.

There are also several different categories for awards opportunities.  Clicking the banner will lead you to all the rules and information you should require.